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Afghan Bistro WM_Best of 2017

100 Very Best


One of the area’s best Afghan spots

Afghan Bistro WM_Best of 2018

100 Very Best


We’ve yet to meet a stew here we didn’t love

Afghan Bistro WM_Best of 2019

100 Very Best


Don’t miss the mantu and aushak

Afghan Bistro WP 2016.jpg

Dining Guide


Food is the initial lure at Afghan Bistro. Family, or at least a sense of community, is the unexpected bonus

Afghan Bistro WP 2017.jpg

Dining Guide


With big flavors in a small package, the area’s best Afghan experience has only gotten better since last year at this time

Afghan Bistro 2016_Yelp People Award

People Love Us


Read what our guest have to say about the Afghan Bistro Family!

2019_COE_Trip Advisor.jpg
Afghan Bistro_2017_Yelp Top 100

Top 100 

2017 + 2018

Afghan Bistro makes the Yelp Top 100 Places to Eat in the US


100 Very Best


Afghan Bistro_2016 Open Table Dinner' Choice Award

Diners' Choice


Verified OpenTable Reviews

Afghan Bistro_2017 Open Table Dinner' Choice Award

Diners' Choice


Verified OpenTable Reviews

Afghan Bistro_2017 + 2018 Northern Virginia Best

Best Restaurants

2017 + 2018

In Springfield, it’s not just a restaurant. It’s a resurrection. And the food is impeccable.

Certificate of Excellence

2017 - 2019

Verified Trip Advisor Reviews

The Washingtonian

OpenTable Diners'
Choice Award 2023

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